By Adrienne Uthe

Pineapples Are Refreshing to Eat: What Pineapple Does to Your Sperm?

Most of us love pineapple here and there. The tropical fruits' sweetness and tanginess are to die for all year round.

A Pina Colada by the pool, a little slice of pineapple turnover in the evening never feels too heavy, or most recently, the trend of having a piece of pineapple with tajín (yum!)

Having pineapple and its variety of vitamins in your diet is awesome. But have you ever been curious about the age-old myth that pineapple will make your juices *down there* taste better?

Let's look into the urban sex legend and learn about the wonderfully desirable world of pineapples and how they can affect your sperm.

What Exactly Is in Your Sperm?

Sperm or swimmers only contribute to a relatively small part of the overall volume of semen, contrary to the widespread belief that this is the case. According to the findings of several studies, water makes up more than 80 percent of semen.

In addition, your sperm contains a variety of carbohydrates, including glucose and fructose, as well as amino acids, proteins, vitamin C, zinc, calcium, and a few other nutrients. The volume of sperm makes up a fraction of one percent of the entire volume of semen.

So with all these nutrients, pineapple should be able to improve the flavor of your sperm, right?

Will Your Diet Make Your Sperm Taste Different?

Before we get any further on the subject of sperm taste, we want to point out that the kind of food you consume has a big impact on both the quality and the health of your swimmers.

A study conducted in 2012 at Oxford University evaluated the quality of sperm from two groups of adult men who followed different diets. One group was put on the "all-bro diet," consisting of snacks, sweets, fast food, red meat, and energy drinks.

The second group followed a diet designed to be more advantageous to their overall health than the first group. It was a balanced meal that included grains, vegetables, fruit, fish, legumes, and chicken. The results of the study indicated that the sperm quality of the second group was higher than that of the first.

According to the study, the second group had superior sperm quality. It is, therefore, evident that the quality of your diet affects the flavor and quality of your semen.

So, Will Pineapple Actually Make Your Swimmers Taste Better?

Although there hasn't been any clear scientific research done on the matter, it is a known truth that ingesting sugary food or beverages may skew the pH of your semen just enough to be detectable by taste.

Because pineapple juice itself is acidic, taking a large quantity of the fruit or drinking its juice can, in turn, erase any bitter sperm taste that may be present in the semen. Even if you ingest the pineapple naturally, this will still be the case. The same may be true for many other acidic fruits, such as lemons and cranberries, amongst other examples.

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How Long Will You Have to Wait Before a Difference Is Tasted?

If you start the day by gulping gallons of pineapple juice straight from the jug, your load won't be much sweeter by the time your partner shows up in the evening.

There is no doubt that consuming a significant amount of pineapple will affect the fluids in your body. But, on the other hand, eating pineapples and drinking pineapple juice regularly offers a better chance of slightly enhancing the flavor of your sperm.

Because who wants to be chugging pineapple juice all day? Surely it will end up feeling like a chore.

All things considered, we now know that pineapple makes sperm taste better. If you want to take your pineapple experiment to the next level, check out our Sweet spot probiotics supplement for him. For the best results, take two capsules daily, one in the morning and one in the evening, with 8 ounces of water.

If you utilize Sweet Spot regularly, your partner will undoubtedly have a favorable opinion of your delicious taste in no time. We are a company that places a strong emphasis on having a good time, and we want to ensure that you make the most of your time in the bedroom (or wherever else you choose to do the deed, no judgment here).

If you have any questions, send us a message, and a member of our staff will respond as soon as possible.