By Adrienne Uthe

Tips to Avoid Vaginal Infections During the Summer

The summer season is characterized by many things, including the sun, beach, swimming, sunscreen, and even occasional romantic flings.

Who doesn't fantasize about taking a lover or a random bronzed hunk on a romantic stroll down the beach or sharing lingering stares with a mysterious lover while soaking in the hot tub?

No matter what the fantasy is about, there is a good possibility that if it takes place during the summer, your heroine will have another foe to defeat: the dreaded summer vaginal infection.

Prepare yourself for combat this summer, regardless of how hot, wet, or scandalous you want to make it for yourself.

Many women experience symptoms of yeast infections during this season. It is the time of year when the risk of developing an infection is higher due to the increased heat and humidity.

So, continue reading for a step-by-step defensive method that will leave you dry, clean and as free as it is possible for you to be.

How to Prevent Infections During the Summer

Whether or not we like it, the possibility of developing a yeast infection during the summer is more probable than at any other time of the year. Gross. No one wants to think about dealing with that

As women, all we can do is try to prevent this from happening, and with all of our tips combined, we're sure you'll get through the summer without setbacks. So let's dive into our best tips to avoid an uncomfortable summer 'down there.

Only shower and wash; never douche

Get in there when you're showering with water, but be extremely careful never to put any scented soaps near your vagina. Doing so can quickly disturb the delicate pH balance and lead to the overgrowth of natural fungus

The act of douching alone disrupts the normal environment of the vagina, making it more prone to infection; moreover, the rush of fluid upwards can also transport bad bacteria to the cervix and the uterus. Remember, your vagina is self-cleaning, so nothing needs to go up there.

Make sure all of the clothing you wear is dry

Itching, burning, clumpy and fish-smelling discharge, and painful intercourse are the primary symptoms of yeast or vaginal infection in women. In addition, soggy bathing suit bottoms or sweaty gym clothes are the perfect breeding grounds for bacteria and fungi.

Increased moisture levels can lead to the overgrowth of yeast, which causes these symptoms.

Eliminate any and all traces of moisture that are still present

We recommend you utilize whatever innovative methods are necessary, like intensive towelling or hair dryers in a cool setting, to feel dry down there

You have several options for speeding up the drying process to avoid a summer vaginal infection. These include sitting in front of your air conditioner and allowing it to air-dry you, rubbing baby powder into the crease where your thighs meet your vulva, or using a hand-held fan, but whatever you do, make sure there is no excess dampness when you get dressed.

Make sure your underwear is made from cotton

Put your silk thongs at the back of your drawer and go for a pair of cotton briefs instead. You'll be more comfortable all day long

Cotton fibres allow for greater air movement than the tightly knit fibres found in polyester textiles, which means that your intimate areas can breathe more easily when you wear cotton and avoid any type of vaginal infection.

Pantyhose with a cotton crotch are a lovely compromise to wear if you're concerned about maintaining your sex appeal while also wanting to look good.

Consume more probiotics

Yoghurt includes beneficial bacteria that help to maintain a healthy pH balance and supports the growth of other beneficial bacteria

Regularly taking probiotic pills can help to keep a healthy balance of vaginal bacteria. This can both help cure and prevent vaginitis conditions, including yeast infections, bacterial vaginosis, and others. It may also assist in lowering the chance of having a urinary tract infection (UTI).

If you want to get the most out of probiotic supplements, choose one with both live and active cultures.

Sweet Spot probiotic supplement for women provides the ideal nutrients to assist your vagina in staying healthy if you want to maintain your vaginal health, vaginal pH balance, and urinary tract health.

Our pills are loaded with cranberry to help prevent UTIs and pineapple and cinnamon to help make your bodily fluids taste better.

Your Vagina Will Thank You This Summer

Spending extra time to keep your delicate areas clean, dry and happy this summer will only make your life easier.

Who doesn't want a healthy vagina? No one. Nothing is worse than experiencing discomfort "down there."

For enhanced vaginal health and sexual wellness in women, our natural oral sex enhancer and pH balancing with pineapple extract enhance flavor, health, and freshness.

At Sweet Spot, we recognize that when your vagina is operating as it should, you feel good. So, to achieve an appealing vaginal taste and feel in the bedroom, we invented our Sweet Spot probiotics to improve the flavor and health of your intimate area naturally.

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