Feeling Confident and Sexy in Lingerie: A Guide to Styles, Fabrics, and Tips

Lingerie can make any woman feel sexy, playful, and confident when worn properly. While the right lingerie differs for every body type and personal style, understanding the array of options helps you determine what flatters your figure best. 

From fabrics to styles to wearing tips, this lingerie guide covers everything you need to know to choose pieces that highlight your beauty, fit comfortably for all-day wear, and make you feel amazing.

Choosing Styles Based on Your Body Type

An essential factor when selecting lingerie is choosing silhouettes and cuts designed for your body shape. Consider the following suggestions for common body types:

Pear shape: Opt for teddies, babydolls, or chemises that cinch under the bust to balance curvier hips. High-waisted styles also complement this shape. Stay away from fuller coverage bottoms which add bulk to wider hips and thighs.

Athletic/rectangular shape: Create curves on a straight, toned frame with push-up bras, corsets with structure, and high-cut bottoms. Avoid boyshorts or shapewear cuts that minimize your figure.

Hourglass figure: Showcase your natural curves in fitted corsets, strapless long line bras, and French knickers. Seek pieces with ruching, draping fabrics, or strategic cut outs.

Plus size: Choose underwire bras with wide straps and high gores for ample lift and support. Layer with loose babydolls or robes. Steer clear of bralettes, bustiers, or flimsy fabrics lacking structure.

Petite frame: Give the illusion of longer legs in high waist panties, garters, and bodysuits. Add height with strappy heels. Avoid oversized or baggy items that overwhelm a small frame.

Experiment to discover which styles make you shine. The key is choosing cuts made for your unique proportions.

Fabric Considerations Based on Use and Feel

Lingerie comes in endless fabrics, each offering distinct tactile experiences. Consider the following materials based on desired usage and comfort preferences:

Everyday wear: Breathable cotton, microfiber, or spandex blends work for daily bras and underwear, providing softness with moisture wicking ability.

Sensual luxury: Satins, silks or lacier fabrics like Chantilly or mesh make romantic date-night pieces. Despite delicate appearances, today’s lingerie uses reinforced structured lining for support in such intimates.

Active wear: Flexible performance fabrics like nylon, latex, neoprene or breathable compression material gives control and sleek shaping under workout clothes. Many modern shapewear pieces fall into the activewear category.

Seasonal: Light, airy lace is ideal for spring and summer. Save warmer fabrics like flannel, velvet or cashmere for colder months when extra softness feels comforting.

Cost and quality also relate to fabric. While silk, leather or lace cost more, they typically last when properly laundered. Less expensive polyester blends compromise long-term durability. Shop sales to score designer quality pieces on a budget.

Matching Sets, Mixing and Matching

While lingerie historically involved coordinated undergarment sets, today’s styles encourage creativity mixing tops, bottoms, hosiery and accessories. Some tips:

  • Match sets in complementary colors or fabrics for a pulled together look. Stay within similar color families for best results.
  • Contrast lighter bottoms with darker bustiers or bodices to create definition between the pieces.
  • Accent solids with patterns or textures. A satin bra under a lace teddy or leather shorts with a cotton top creates visual interest.
  • Play with current fashion trends like cut outs, metallics or bondage references based on your personal preferences.
  • Mix high and low price point items without sacrificing quality in foundational pieces. Splurge on statement pieces showcased over foundational layers.

The number of potential style combinations proves endless. Start with one new piece sparking inspiration then build onto your favorite looks over time.

Pro Tips for Confidence Wearing Lingerie

Beautiful lingerie deserves to be seen and appreciated. However, shedding clothing leaves many feeling self-conscious regardless of relationship status. Use these tips to proudly wear delicate intimates:

  • Invest time pampering yourself before lingerie exposure. Freshly shaved, tanned, toned and manicured skin signals readiness to revel your sensuality.
  • Set the scene with dim, flattering lighting from candles or draped fabrics obscuring overly bright bulbs. Playing music adds a multi-sensory experience.
  • Foreplay builds arousal, inviting positive reactions once naked. Savoring intimate gifts, trading massages, reading erotic stories or watching sexy films makes lingerie the decorative final touch, not the main event.
  • Pose intentionally showcasing your best assets. Arch backs, pop hips forward and angle bodies in feminine postures exuding confidence.
  • Meet any perceived imperfections head on with humor and acceptance. Laugh while pointing out a lint ball stuck to your back or a tag sticking out to ease discomfort.
  • Start partially clothed or buried under bedding if too shy for an immediate big reveal. Allow your partner to gently peel back layers while verbalizing their delight over what they find.
  • Remember lingerie gets removed in the heat of passion. Even runway models likely have stretched out poorly fitting bras by night’s end. Focus on fun not frozen perfection.

The key to bold intimate displays involves first loving your unique shape, flaws and all. Inner confidence shines through even designer silk and lace.

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Lingerie Can Help You Feel Sexy

The lingerie options today provide limitless potential making every woman feel sexy and empowered. Follow general guidelines for cuts flattering your figure then embrace creative freedom mixing and matching bold prints, lush colors and lavish textures based on mood and inspiration.

Remember doens’t matter, only the confidence you exude wearing pieces picked especially for you.